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Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum has been a prominent piece of Salem, Massachusetts for decades. The Museum’s original branding

has been kept the same since its creation in 1972, giving a perfect opportunity to bring a modernised rebranding to the historic events of the salem witch trials.


A modern rebranding
for a historic museum.

The unique architecture of the museum instantly creates an ominous and intriguing atmosphere before even entering the building. The large stained glass windows draw attention as warm red light bleeds from them at night, making a perfect element to focus on for a new logo.

After gathering photos and sketches of the window, work began on creating a digitized version which was then stripped and simplified to better fit as a brand logo.


Variety in supporting elements.


The brand’s supporting elements use tapered line art. These details create a more fluid and dynamic side of the brand, opposing the strict geometry of the logo. These elements can be varied and applied to different merchandise, promotion art, or anything else that the brand may need to be applied to.

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