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Motion Showcase

Gathered on this page are examples of motion and animation
projects created throughout multiple motion and compositing classes
at UMASS Lowell. Some examples are short logo animations
while others are longer pieces of media such as credit intros
and kinetic typography projects.

Earth Day 2021

Design Technology Logo

A short promotional animation for Earth Day 2021. This project required an animated visual element as well as an animated text element. This project was rendered in multiple formats and sizes for web advertisement.

A simple logo animation for a design technology group based out of Cambridge, MA. This project only required a originally designed logo and applied motion.

Dead Space Credit Intro

A credit intro for the 2008 horror video game Dead Space. Utilizing the thunderous and dramatic music from the games soundtrack, this credit intro aims to evoke those qualities which the game is known for. Like with most horror media, this video contains a small amount of mild gore.

The Man Kinetic Typography

A kinetic typography video using Jack Black's well known The Man speech from 2003's School of Rock. I chose to use this speech for the project because Jack Black's enthusiastic performance translates well to kinetic type. 

Clay Pigeons Lyric Video

A lyric video for the song Clay Pigeons by Blaze Foley. To match the simplicity and humbleness of the song, I aimed to create a warm environment using simple and patterned movement.

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